Democrats are Running for Reelection on Unmasked Socialism

Just a few weeks ago, what was the news? A few weeks ago, Obama goes to the National Prayer Breakfast, right? And what does he say? He announced that Jesus supports his policies. He announced that socialism, liberalism, is Jesus. And as we discussed yesterday, this false equating of the redistribution of wealth, socialism, to charity is what sucks a lot of people in. It’s what gets a lot of people believing that the redistribution of wealth is a compassionate thing. To go out and take from the producers and give to the loafers. That’s charity. Yes. We can’t oppose that. That’s charity.

Now, a few weeks later, after Obama’s at the prayer breakfast saying Jesus supports his policies, what’s Obama doing? He launches this contraception fraud and he demands that the insurance companies pay. Do you think this is Jesus’ policies? Where do you think Jesus is on contraception? Where do you think Jesus is on abortion? Do you think Jesus agrees with the Democrat Party in this stuff? Obama wants you to think so. Obama wants you to think that he is the embodiment of Jesus’ policies on earth today. That’s why the Muslim Brotherhood’s ticked off.



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