Copycat Operation Chaos Attempted in Michigan; Mitt, Rick Trade Clever Robo-Calls

I think it’s all very clever, especially… Well, I don’t want say “especially,” because I’m giving away a preference when I do that. Romney runs robo-calls of Santorum’s endorsement from 2008. Now, Santorum is running robo-calls encouraging Democrats who support him to vote for him! My guess is that Romney never dreamed any of this would work. Remember the Republican grand pooh-bahs all thought this was gonna be over by now. You have to put yourself in their heads, in their shoes. And their discombobulated right now. This was supposed to be… (interruption) It was a robo-call. I knew it was a robo-call and it ran over the weekend. That’s right. Even when I’m unsure, I’m right. Even when I think I’m wrong, I’m right.

It’s amazing!

But I don’t think Romney ever dreamed any of this would ever work, is the thing. I don’t think so. If you ask me, 90% of you never thought Santorum would be here where he is. To 90% of all of us, Santorum was never going to be anything but a fringe candidate. None of us accountable this. The Republicans, combined with their disbelief, are scared. This is the last thing they thought would happen. Of all the candidates, including Ron Paul, I would submit to you Santorum is the last guy they ever even gave a second look to. Santorum probably the last guy they ever considered in any remote way seriously. And now look. So they’re flipped inside out. They’re totally confused. And Romney…

And who could blame him? Romney never dreamed any of this would be happening. So now in Michigan, Romney’s home state, the polls show it as tight as can be, depending on the poll, there’s a tie or Romney’s up five or Santorum’s up seven or wherever. It’s tight as it can be. So Romney, for the first time in the entire process, is crying about dirty tricks. A lot of people like Newt and Rudy and Fred Thompson from 2008 are probably chuckling privately to themselves, because they’ve all been victimized by the tough campaigning that Romney is famous for. But let’s face it, folks. By all that’s reasonable, by all that’s logical, Santorum shouldn’t be anywhere near where he is, much less in Michigan. Santorum shouldn’t even be within striking distance in Michigan, but he is.

And he could win it there. He could pull it off. For all this talk about Santorum being scary, myopic, out of touch, and an oddball and a kook and a nerd and whatever else, he’s tied with Romney in Romney’s third home state. Despite being outspent by millions. And, of course, he’s the subject of a unrelenting negative TV campaign. I don’t think anybody… I don’t think there is anybody outside of Santorum who predicted where we are today. You know it and I know it. So a lot of people are gonna be discombobulated here and out of sorts trying to explain it, react to it, account for it, and deal with it. Continuing on now. This is the Santorum robo-call, throwing in with Democrat Operation Chaos in Michigan.



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