Conservatives Can Win on Social Issues

Santorum showed up yesterday on Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer. And, folks, it was like Bob Schieffer, who’s, what, 90? Ninety-two? Bob Schieffer talking to Rick Santorum actually appeared as though Schieffer thought Santorum was from Mars. It was a space alien. What he thought, the things he had said, Schieffer could not believe that there was a human being alive on this planet who could think that way, who believed these things. He was shocked. He was stunned. And it goes to show the Republican establishment, clearly the Democrat Party establishment, do not have the slightest ability to relate to even half the country, probably more. They don’t understand us, don’t know us, have mischaracterized us and have lived under these mischaracterizations for so long now that they have just assumed that it’s all true. A guy like Santorum comes along who is simply a devout Catholic, and he’s nothing other than that, may as well be a three-eyed monster.

This Marvin Winans, the pastor at the church of the Whitney Houston funeral, to these guys he probably sounded as scary as Santorum sounds to them. I mentioned James Taranto. Best of the Web today has feature called Weekend Interview, and he talked to a guy named Jeff Bell, who is a well-known and accomplished, achieved social commentator. “Social Issues and the Santorum Surge,” is the title of the piece. Now, I can’t share the whole thing with you because it prints out to over four pages. It starts this way.

“If you’re a Republican in New York or another big city, you may be anxious or even terrified at the prospect that Rick Santorum, the supposedly unelectable social conservative, may win the GOP presidential nomination. Jeffrey Bell would like to set your mind at ease. Social conservatism, Mr. Bell argues in his forthcoming book, ‘The Case for Polarized Politics’ –” He points out, as we have on this program — before I read this to you I’m gonna remind you of this story. It’s the early nineties and I’m a guest at one of these dinner parties out in the Hamptons, and after dinner out on the deck of the host’s home, it’s all Republicans, and many of them huge donors, this was before the ’92 campaign began. And one of these donors comes up to me, pokes me in the chest, “What are you gonna do about the Christians?”



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