Conservatism Will Attract Independents

The Los Angeles Times (speaking of the latest Rasmussen polls): “National likeability surveys among independent voters, who are less driven by ideology and more inclined toward someone they’d want as fishing buddy, also favor Santorum, especially in swing states such as Ohio and Missouri.” National likability. Now, I mention this because we had the piece from the babe at the Independent Women’s Forum who said there’s no way Santorum could win independents. “If you think that can happen…” As though we’re back to the same old canard: “We can’t win without the independents. We gotta go out, we have to get them.”

What really bothers me about that is, let’s say it’s true for a second, and let’s say you’re a conservative. You’re a conservative, and then you as a full-fledged conservative you say, “We can’t win without independents.” Why be a conservative if you’re not gonna approach ’em as a conservative? Right here, ladies and gentlemen, there is a story. The Democrats are doing it again. (I don’t know if we’ve got this in the sound bite roster or not.) Harry Reid said that Republicans want to put arsenic and mercury in the water. Now, I think this is brand-new. Back in the early days of the Bush administration when there were changes made to arsenic content in water, the Democrats started out with:

Bush wants the poison in the water!

Bush is okay with poison!

The Democrats started talking about how Republicans want dirty water and dirty air, and it’s been part of their approach for as long as I’ve been doing the program. “Republicans want dirty water and dirty air!” It’s part of the global warming argument that the left makes. They really want people to believe this. Now, my question is: “If you got Harry Reid saying Republicans want to put arsenic and mercury in the water, why don’t the independents object to that?” Even our people think these independents are some precious group. “We’ve gotta be very careful how we go get ’em, Rush. We can’t get ’em being conservative. We can’t get ’em criticizing Obama. We can’t!”



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