Clinton: No timeline yet for new Keystone pipeline decision

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says it’s too early to say how quickly the State Department might decide on TransCanada Corp.’s revised plans to build the controversial Keystone XL oil sands pipeline.

The company plans to file a new application soon for the controversial pipeline to bring oil sands from Alberta to Gulf Coast refineries, following the Obama administration’s rejection of a permit for Keystone in January.

Clinton told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Tuesday that she can’t yet estimate how quickly the review will occur.

“I think that a new application triggers a new review process under existing regulations,” she said. “We would be able to draw on some of the technical information that has already been compiled, but I think it is probably fair to say that until we get the application, until we actually have a chance to study it, we won’t be able to provide you information as to when a decision could be made.”



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