Christie Defends Whitney Houston Decision

This Whitney Houston in New Jersey and the flag at half staff. I have a question. If she did not have in her life a problem with drug abuse and alcohol — take a little out of it — and she died prematurely…? We don’t yet know what the cause of death was, but let’s assume that alcohol and drugs had nothing to do with it. Take that out of it. How many of you would be upset that the flag was lowered to half staff? How many of you are upset about it simply because, in your mind, “She was just an entertainer. Come on! We lower the flag for statesmen, for heroes. What is this entertainer business?” I’ll bet there are some people who have that point of view, but keep in mind: New Jersey lowered the flag for Frank Sinatra and Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band with Bruce Springsteen. So it’s not that uncommon. It really isn’t.



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