CBO Reveals Truth About Obama Economy

The CBO predictions that we’ve talked about, the unemployment number where if you add the number of unemployed and compare it to the actual number of jobs available when Obama took office, it would be 9.75% unemployment? The CBO is unquestioned in their credibility. Nobody ever says they’re lying. They are the coin of the realm! You dig deep into this whole story, and the CBO gives their predictions for economic growth for this year and next.

Are you sittin’ down?

The CBO projects growth to be 2.2% this year. The ChiComs are growing at 9%. Obama, in his budget of a year and a half ago or whenever he last presented a budget, projected growth of 5% by now, and into infinity. We have 2.2% economic growth predicted this year, and 1% in 2013. An economic growth rate predicted by the CBO — which is unchallengeable. Don’t ever disagree with them. They never lie, and they see 1% economic growth for 2013. My gosh, if they’re right about that, this is horrible. And, of course, one of the fundamental reasons for that 1% economic growth prediction is the implementation of Obamacare, ladies and gentlemen. So that’s what I am not looking forward to. After the elections, after November, we can look forward to a 1% GDP. That’s a recession, folks. The New York Times called 3.5% GDP a recession under Bush.



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