Budget Director Undercuts Regime’s Obamacare Supreme Court Argument

Obama’s budget director. What’s this guy’s name? (interruption) What? No, no, no. That’s the chief of staff. This guy’s name is Zients, Z-i-e-n-t-s. Anyway, he was being questioned by a Republican congressman from New Jersey today Scott Garrett, on C-SPAN3 and he’s being asked questions about Obama’s budget. And, for example, Scott Garrett says (paraphrased exchange): “Will there be a tax increase on those making under $200,000 in
Obama’s budget?” The budget director says, “No.” Then Scott Garrett says, “Well, if it’s a tax when a family doesn’t buy a health insurance policy as mandated by Obamacare and they have to pay the government for making that decision, is it a tax?”

And Zients says, “No, it’s not a tax.” But yet the regime is arguing before the Supreme Court that it is a tax and that’s what makes it constitutional! The regime is arguing before the Supreme Court on this mandate business that the fine that you pay for not buying insurance mandated by Obamacare is a tax. In questioning today on the budget on Capitol Hill Obama’s budget director says, “No, it’s not a tax,” because if it’s a tax then Obama is lying about the fact that nobody under 200 grand will see a tax increase. Then Garrett asks, “If the president’s budget passes tomorrow, when will the budget come into balance?” There are no answers!



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