Most Ron Paul supporters are not taking a simple and free action that is worth advertising dollars to the Ron Paul campaign. In fact, I would venture to guess that hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars worth of free advertising are being left on the table, wasted.

The Internet yard sign

In politics they say that yard signs are one of the most effective means of promoting a political candidate. Yard signs are effective because they are a mixture of advertisement and endorsement.

When you put a yard sign for a politician in your yard you are putting your political beliefs on display for all to see. Your friends, your neighbors, will all form new opinions about you, or at least the political aspect of you, based on that yard sign. In effect, you are staking a bit of your reputation in support of your candidate. That kind of risk shows that you really think that candidate has value. This makes your friends, family and passers by take notice. If they start seeing the same yard sign in front of many other houses as well, they’ll really take notice.

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