Another Example of Government Intrusion Into Our Lives

In Raeford, North Carolina 85 miles south of Raleigh a 4-year-old recently brought her lunch to school. The meal consisting of a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, apple juice and chips. That’s the kind of lunch I eat.

But the school official believed the meal violated the U.S. Department of Agricultural guidelines and so school authorities gave the girl additional food. Chicken nuggets and charged her mother a buck and a half… a buck and a quarter I should say for the nuggets. After the fuss became public the school dropped the charge.

Now, think about this. The Feds are providing nutrition guidelines to schools. Ok. No problem with that guidelines can be good. But now the schools are interpreting those guidelines pretty much any way they want.

A turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, apple juice and chips is fine. Not a bad lunch. Is the 4-year-old training for the Olympics? Come on.

Last week we reported the Obama administration’s expansion of the federal government is now intruding on your life, my life, everybody’s life.

The Feds are controlling health care delivery, energy delivery, even telling religions what kind of birth control vices they have to pay for. Social engineering is simply getting out of control. Authorities in North Carolina are now retreating because they know they can’t justify what they did.



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