Americans Rank Obama as Both Best and Worst President in Modern History

On Fox News HQ, Heather Childers held a panel discussion on a new Gallup poll that showed Americans were split on how history will regard President Obama: 38% said he will be remembered as above average or outstanding and 35% thought he would be seen as below average or poor. They also discussed additional findings in the poll that showed many people considered Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton to be among the best modern US presidents.

While Donald Trump and Ben Quayle have been pretty adamant about which side they were taking in this argument, the Fox News panel focused on the positive with Jehmu Greene and Judith Miller saying Bill Clinton was the best modern president and KT McFarland giving props to Ronald Reagan.

Greene thought that more time needed to be given before Americans could give a clearer answer on President Obama‘s place in history. Miller was astounded that despite Clinton’s impeachment and scandals, many people –herself included– considered Clinton to be the best modern US president.



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