Amazing Across America in 100 Day Run for Wounded Warrior Project

A Morgantown man is prepping for the journey of a lifetime, and needs the community’s support to make it happen.

WBOY 12 News checked in with Jamie Summerlin to see what needs to happen before he hits the pavement in just over a month.

It has been frigid out there this week, but nothing can cool off Summerlin’s excitement about running 34 miles a day, for 100 days straight.

“Actually we’ve had a pretty mild winter. So, it’s been nice to be able to get out there and run and not worry about the elements too much,” smiled Summerlin. “I’m out there so early, I bundle up anyway. This weekend, I was out running in 15 degrees. But you layer up and understand that the purpose behind why I’m doing it kind of motivates me to get out there.”

The Summerlin family departs in just over a month for Oregon, where Jamie Summerlin will take to the streets.

As he runs through towns across the country, he wants to raise money and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project.

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Some cities have arranged running events for when he comes through town.

Veterans groups and running clubs will join him through stretches of his journey.

“We tried to organize it and set it up so that we go by V.A. Hospitals and V.F.W.’s to help do events and help raise awareness for the folks. When I explain to people why I’m doing it, that’s when they really buy into it and understand,” he added.

To complete the run, which requires him to run about 34 miles a day, he needs sponsors for financial help.

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