Act of Valor: Man, It’s Great

As a powerful, influential member of the media, I occasionally am given screeners of movies that are due to premiere soon, and I got one. It’s indescribably riveting. It opens today: Act of Valor. You know about this movie? They even closed-captioning it for me, Relativity Media did. These are real Navy SEALs who will not be identified in the credits, and one of the reasons they had to use real SEALs? They wanted to use real SEALs from the get go but it turned out they found out they had to because no stuntman was capable of the physical demands of the role. Only the SEALs could pull this stuff off. And the photography in this? I should just mention that. Gosh, it’s gorgeous. It’s beautiful, but man is this great. Just from the moment this thing opens it’s riveting.

Folks, it’s a goose bump movie when you realize that real Navy SEALs. This opens with a training jump in San Diego and ends up in the Philippines. They actually shot movie Cambodia, but it ends up in the Philippines where the first act of terrorism takes place. The photography gorgeous, but when you know that real SEALs were used and the Navy granted permission for this? Navy got the raw footage to use this in training videos and so forth. I’ve only got about ten seconds left here in this segment, so I can’t get into much detail, but it opens today. I’ve had a lot of people talking to me about this the last few weeks, Act of Valor, so I learned what it was. And by quirk of fate, the DVD arrived yesterday, and I watched it. You will not be disappointed.



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