A Coordinated Contraception Attack

You know, give this group this benefit, give that group food stamps, exempt that group from taxes, or whatever that group wants, you give it to them. The theory that most Americans are single issue and if you find out what the single issue is and give them that, or, by the same token this contraception bit with Santorum, you establish the notion with the help of your willing accomplices in the media that Rick Santorum and the Republican Party want to deny women birth control pills. All you have to do is make the charge. Now, they happen to have an interview that Santorum gave years ago in which he talked about this within the context of states’ rights. He said if the state wants to ban contraception, they should have the right to do that.

Well, that becomes: Santorum supports banning contraception. So to the people in this country who do nothing but have sex mindlessly day in and day out and to whom birth control is only a means of eliminating consequences, you tell them that the Republican Party wants to take away their means of no consequences, and I don’t care what else is going on in the world, 300 nuclear weapons, tax increases, economy being destroyed, you tell that bunch of mindless, brain-dead twerps that they’re not gonna get their birth control pills, and that’s all that will matter. They’re gonna vote for Obama on that alone, and that’s what they’re counting on. Barack Obama and the Democrat Party are aiming at the lowest common denominator. They have spent decades dumbing down the American people in the education system that they run and that they have run.

Campaign for the stupid. Get the votes, buy the votes of the stupid. That’s what they’re banking on here. They firmly believe that the number of Americans educated and informed is dwarfed by the idiots. And they’re not high-minded. They don’t care to get elected with a mandate. They don’t care to get the votes of the best and brightest. They don’t care who the electorate is. They just want the votes. They don’t care if they’re even legitimate votes, for crying out loud. Meanwhile, who are we? We’re idealists, civics 101. We gear everything we do to people that we think make the country work, the intelligent, the informed, and we try to get more and more of those people. We want elections to have substance and meaning.

Obama doesn’t care. The end result is all that matters, then moving the agenda forward. That’s why any lie necessary, any misrepresentation necessary, no problem, we’ll do it. Gonna put the notion out that Republicans are against birth control, that the Republicans want to force every woman to have an abortion, we’ll say it, we’ll do it. We know that F. Chuck Todd, Dan Rather, whoever they are in the media are gonna be right there with us advancing the cause. The media people go to Republicans, “Why do you want to ban birth control from the people?”



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