Why Rossi’s Fast Track Path to E-Cat Commercialization May Not be Impossible

Andrea Rossi has been talking in a very ambitious way lately. His plans to launch production with a million E-Cats later this year have taken even staunch LENR and E-Cat supporters by surprise. Designing, manufacturing, distributing and marketing a million units of anything is a huge undertaking — but when you are talking about a world-changing energy technology, it is difficult to see how you can accomplish this in just a few months. Rossi has said that he hopes to start production in the Autumn of this year — but if you read his remarks on the topic he is allowing for possible changes in schedule, and it would not be surprising if he moved back the projected launch time.

One of the big questions that arises is whether Leonardo Corporation has the funds to accomplish all of its goals. When asked about this recently, Rossi responded “be sure, we are a well fueled warship”. As far as funding goes, we don’t know anything about outside investment that has been made in Leonardo Corporation. My sense is that Rossi, who seems to want to keep in firm control of everything connected with the E-Cat is going to be very loathe to allow outside investors to have a significant stake in his company. Indeed, investors with deep pockets may put off by Rossi’s lowest-possible-cost strategy of marketing the E-Cat.

What Rossi does have going for him is his pre-order strategy. We don’t know how many people who have signed up — but Rossi said they met their goal of 10,000 a long while back. By this Autumn there may be very many more. If 100,000 pre-orders converted to actual orders, Rossi would have $100 million (assuming an E-Cat costs $1000) which could go a long way to funding startup production.



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