Why Ron Paul Would Numerically Have The Best Chance Of Beating Obama

First let me say that I would be happy with any of the current GOP candidates as president instead of Obama. Obama must be defeated. But let me spell out why I think that Ron Paul has the best chance numerically of beating Obama.

Let’s look at the entire electorate. First of all, all Republicans are going to vote for the GOP candidate no matter who it is. They aren’t going to vote for Obama. (We just have to hope that no conservative or libertarian decides to run as a third party candidate, which would probably just hand the election over to Obama … like Perot did to Clinton. That would be an egotistic and unrealistic move that would need to be attacked as self-centered and insensitive, given the bigger picture of what the outcome would be. I see all of the current GOP candidates forming a great team as the new executive branch of the federal government.).

Secondly, which of the GOP candidates would draw the most votes away from Obama? Ron Paul would be the one to do that because he has a lot of young supporters and he is not as hard line in foreign policy as the other GOP candidates. Therefore he gives democrats and independents who recognize Obama’s failures an option that they could get behind (as opposed to them getting behind the other GOP prospects).

So that is why Ron Paul would probably have the best numerical edge against Obama.

Now if Gingrich doesn’t end up being the GOP nominee for president, I think that it would be a shame to lose his fire power as a debater and fact communicator. Bush and McCain’s “compassionate conservative” plan didn’t work because liberal idealogs aren’t open to compromise. Whereas Gingrich is very capable of uncompromisingly going against the democrats and exposing their faults (as well as what would work). One way that Gingrich’s contributions could be salvaged is if he were to be the vice presidential nominee. In that way he could get all of the pro-GOP and anti-democrat points out in debates with Biden. Perhaps he could even challenge Obama to debates, or carry out his plan to follow Obama around and in the media, counter every point Obama makes 4 hours after Obama makes them (like Lincoln did with Douglas).

I think this is too important of an election for any of the candidates to think of themselves or their policy differences or their political careers first. This is one election where a true patriot will sacrifice their political ambitions for the good of the country and get behind whoever the GOP nominee is. And part of that is being wary of not giving (in their current ads against each other) the democrats ammo for the main election.

Byline: Dennis Marcellino is the author of THE Solutions – Simple, practical solutions to the biggest personal and societal problems (many of which you never hear … by politicians, in the media, or in schools). http://www.TheOptimumPoliticalSolutions.com.



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