Why Evangelicals Should Back Off Of Their Opposition To Mitt Romney

Evangelical Christians, of which I’m happily one, should support Mitt Romney if he becomes the nominee and immediately stop the attacks on his religion because he’s not running for theologian-in-chief, he’s running for an office whose present need is to fix our economy and create jobs and restore some moral order to this country.

And on those things he has good credentials. So does Newt Gingrich, but I’ve encountered many Christians who not only think that Mormonism is a cult, but also think Catholicism is a cult.

I don’t see where Mormon theology would play a role in his presidency anyway. And Mormons are family oriented and have some of the best morals in the country.

But let’s look at this theologically.

Jesus said, “Whoever is not against me is for me.” And He even prayed that all who would come to believe in Him would be “one”. And the Bible calls “dissentions and factions” sins. Therefore as long as people say they are following Jesus that should be good enough for as one as we can possibly be right now.

I know that some will say that Mormons aren’t following the real Jesus by some of the things they believe. But is it ultimately about belief … or about the heart? The Bible says that we can have ALL knowledge, but without love we are nothing. And I see a lot of Mormons being clean cut and moral. So in this country that is polluted with sin, should we really be splitting theological hairs with others who say they are Christian, while evil continues to dominate the mainstream institutions, which also deny God?

No. Let’s first restore the morals of this country and welcome God back in. Then we can debate and refine our theologies later. Like the Bible says, “A house divided cannot stand.” So lets keep our basic Christian house together as a voting block and get rid of the REAL evil that is dominating our country, and save the theological debates for later.

Byline: Dennis Marcellino is the author of THE Solutions – Simple, practical solutions to the biggest personal and societal problems (many of which you never hear by politicians, in the media, or in schools). http://www.TheOptimumPoliticalSolutions.com and THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is true (www.ConclusiveProofOfGod.com).



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