What Is More Racist?

You can’t be serious. Progressives’s incessant use of the race card to defame and libel Americans into silence as a bully tactic is what truly invokes racist comparisons. The modern day Bull Connor, ready to unleash the attack dogs on anyone who dares to disagree with the administration. Want to control your own health care? Racist®! Want a balanced budget amendment? Racist®! Believe that congress should spend within its means? Racist®! Point out statistics that more Americans than ever are on food stamps? Racist®!

Michelle Obama has received intense criticism for the flagrant way in which she spends taxpayer money and the tone-deafness she demonstrates. Two-thousand dollar dresses, wearing sneakers that cost the equivalent of three months mortgage payments while at a homeless shelter, insisting on million-dollar Hawaiian vacations while your husband simultaneously lectures Americans about scaling back, yes, the comparison to Antoinette is apropos. Those who call it racist® demonstrate the failings of public education. Antoinette was considered extravagant while France starved. Along the line of progressive thinking, heaven forbid Barack Obama ever get his likeness on Mount Rushmore for fear of defeated liberals crying out “uppity!”



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