We Need to Push Our Nominee to the Right, Not the Left!

Let me try to ‘splain this in another way. I don’t even know that I’m letting you in on a little secret here. I have quoted a great column by Daniel Henninger in the Wall Street Journal about Romney. I’ve mentioned this a number of times. It has appeared that the establishment wants Romney, and Romney’s been leading in every poll, and don’t get mad at me for saying that he’s the presumptive nominee. That’s the case that everybody’s been trying to make and that’s what the polling data has all showed. Okay, so you deal with what you got.

Henninger’s column was about the fact that Romney was gonna have to be pushed to the right if he was gonna get there, that his natural inclination is not conservatism. Despite what he says, his natural inclination, his core, is not conservatism. He’s going to have to be pushed toward conservatism. I don’t mind Gingrich attacking Romney. I am not defending Romney. What we have known, what we have said, is that Mitt Romney needs to be pushed to the right. He needs to be made a little bit more conservative, to run as a conservative, to campaign as a conservative. Which the elites do not want him to do.

Newt is not pushing Romney to the right. Newt is coming at him from the left. We’re seeing Newt now running to the left of Romney. That’s what’s going on. That’s what’s so mind-boggling about this. In a conservative Republican primary, we got Gingrich, and Perry, too, running to the left of Romney. Gingrich and Perry running to the left of Romney. Now, since when do Republicans hate capitalism? When did that start? I don’t hate capitalism. Now, I know we’ve got some squishy moderates and some establishment types in our party that are afraid to defend it. And we’ve got some squishy types who are afraid to even defend the whole profit motive and concept. And, frankly, I have no patience for them. But we as Republicans, we as conservatives do not hate capitalism. We don’t oppose capitalism and we do not want to talk about capitalism the way the left does. And we’re certainly not gonna push our candidates to the right in the process of coming at them from the left like this. We’re pushing them to the left.

Now, in the case of Romney, Romney supported TARP and says he supports capitalism. Those two don’t go together. So it’s tough to find anybody here who’s got clean hands. Who of these candidates would you say has obvious conservative core beliefs? Isn’t it true, folks, isn’t it true that when we look at the field of those remaining, that the full-fledged pedal-to-the-metal conservative isn’t there? They’ve all got one degree or another or a series of degrees of flaws. They all in one way or another end up thinking that using government to advance their policies is a good idea. We don’t think that. So what are we left with? We don’t have the ideal conservative. So whoever’s gonna win this thing has got to be pushed to the right and has got to be reminded that if they win this thing it’s because that’s how they did it, and they’re gonna pay a huge price if they abandon it after they’re elected.



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