Was Romney Ready for Bain Attack?

We have a guy — either by virtue of the way he was educated (ill-informed, malinformed, who cares?) — who believes that the founding of this country is unjust and immoral. The founding! This guy believes that the 1% founded the country. The 1% have run the country since its founding, the 99% have been exploited. They have been used, they have been abused. This has been a country of an imperialist military, which has conquered other people, stolen resources, and it’s the only reason we’re a superpower. They think this is an illegitimate, unjust, immoral country, and his sole purpose is to take as much as he can from these he thinks are the 1% and redistribute it.

There is no such thing as lawlessness when he’s in the process because he is simply equalizing things. So a recess appointment when there is no recess doesn’t matter. He’s got a higher calling. He is trying to correct evil, unjust immorality. If Arizona wants to have a law to protect the border because the US government electorate enforce its own laws, what’s he do? Sues Arizona! I can give you countless examples of Obama governing — and “ruling,” if you will — against the will of the people of this country. It is the belief. Why do you take over General Motors? This is why I cringed yesterday to Romney’s defense to what he did, to the attacks against him with Bain Capital (that he basically scorched earth; ran in there, took over these companies, fired people left and right for his own personal benefit).

Romney said, “Well, yeah.” (laughing) Oh, no. What’s next? “Well, yeah, but that’s just what Obama did. Obama went in, he tried to save the business of General Motors. He had to lay people off. He had to streamline.” No, that’s not why Obama took over! He didn’t take it over to save it. He took it over to steal it! Same thing with Chrysler. The bondholders and the people who were the legitimate investors who had first dibs on any corrective financial measures were told to pound sand. Obama gives it to the unions — the, quote, unquote, “workers;” the 99% who have been shafted since the days of the founding of the country — and their union leadership runs it.



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