The Electability Trap

You know, Gerald Ford said that Ronald Reagan was unelectable. George H. W. Bush said that Ronald Reagan was unelectable. The entire Republican establishment thought Ronald Reagan was unelectable because they were governed and informed by the Goldwater landslide defeat. That’s what they think will happen to every conservative. Don’t doubt me. We just heard old Bob, Wayne, Pennsylvania, say one of the reasons he doesn’t think Santorum’s electable is he just got creamed running for reelection in the Senate. I would hasten to remind you ladies and gentlemen that Romney lost to Senator Kennedy for the Senate in Massachusetts by around 16 points. If you’re gonna sit here and cite, “Well, Santorum, he was an incumbent, he lost, he can’t win.” Romney lost to Ted Kennedy by around 16 points. (interruption) What do you mean I’m comparing cheese and crackers?

Cheese and crackers? I just don’t know where this “only Romney’s electable” stuff comes from. Well, I do know where it comes from. Stop and think of that. It’s absurd to say it about any one individual. To pick any one individual among our roster of candidates, only Ron Paul can be elected, only Romney can be elected, only Santorum can be elected. Why do we handcuff ourselves? Why do we say that about ourselves? Why do we run around and say our guys can’t win? I have never met a party that beats itself up. I have never met a party that beats itself, period, the way this Republican Party does. It’s just stunning. Now, Reagan seems inevitable, everybody wants Reagan, but, remember, he was at one point unelectable, according to the experts. And I know there’s a lot of people pining for Marco Rubio, but he said it again on December 23rd, (paraphrasing) “No way, no matter who is the nominee,” no way he would consider the VP slot.



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