When Andrea Rossi talks about his E-Cat technology he often emphasizes the following:
•It produces no emissions of any kind — no smoke, particulates, or carbon.
•It uses no radioactive materials.
•It leaves no radioactive waste.

In other words, in addition to producing vast quantities of energy cheaply, the E-Cat is a clean technology and it could go a long way to mitigating the threat of pollution and global warming/climate change.

If it is widely accepted as being valid it is reasonable to expect that this would be something that people who are concerned about the environment could get very excited about. At the moment the clean technologies that are most popular with environmentalists are wind and solar, and there are great efforts being put forward in many parts of the world to incorporate these alternatives into the energy infrastructure. Until now, however, wind and solar power have not been able to compete with traditional fossil and nuclear power in terms of cost and efficiency, and have needed huge amounts of government subsidies to be even somewhat viable.

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