Taliban Urinationgate and Vampire Movies

According to a report that I saw earlier today, we are not going to let this terrible peeing scandal stop us from negotiating the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan. Some people are starting to call this Urinegate. “Taliban Says Marine Tape Will not Hurt Afghanistan Talks.” Now, what does that say? You go back to the Bush years, we had the Abu Ghraib pictures and, “Oh, no, my God, that’s the end of the US military. Oh, what a horrible country. Oh, gee, what a great terrorist recruitment tool. Oh, Abu Ghraib, that stupid Bush, oh, no, how horrible.” Remember that? Remember when I said, “Ah, it looks like a fraternity hazing prank.” But, oh, they got all over me on that. And the left used that to try to destroy the military and its credibility and the mission. You remember.

So now we have a videotape of some marines breaking the rules and taping it. It’s curious why they did that, and now it’s gotten out. Snerdley, which do you think is more offensive, a greater transgression: Abu Ghraib photos or the urination on corpses of the Taliban. Abu Ghraib far worse. Abu Ghraib far worse than urinating on Taliban corpses. I know we don’t know when this happened. The details are sketchy. So as a discussion matter, we’ll take it as it is. But get this Reuters story: “Taliban Says Marine Tape Will not Hurt Afghanistan Talks.” Now, what does that tell you? What does that tell you?

All of a sudden you have something that, if they wanted to, the left could exploit as another Abu Ghraib. That goes without saying, Abu Ghraib blamed on Bush, why isn’t this blamed on Obama? Nothing can go wrong. This will be blamed on the individuals, not Obama. When a president is Republican, everything that the government does is blamed on him. But the more important question here, the Taliban, those, according to the story, was their people who were dead who were the urinatees. And the Taliban says that that tape is not gonna hurt anything, we’re not bothered by that. I’m simply asking, what does that tell you? (interruption) No. It doesn’t tell us that they’re tired of being hit by drones.

It tells us that they’re winning and they’re close and if they start raising hell about this, it’s gonna delay the ultimate. Karzai is out there saying one thing or another. A senior member of the Afghan government’s High Peace Council said, “Such action will leave a very, very bad impact on peace efforts.” But the Taliban says, ah, not gonna hurt anything here. Taliban must think they’re close to winning. Taliban must think they’re pretty close to taking over Afghanistan. There are peace talks going on, and the Taliban must think that we’re pretty close to surrendering it to ’em and getting out, and they don’t want this to come along and stop that process and delay. That’s how I interpret it. This would be my wild guess.



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