SC TEA Party Leader Endorses Ron Paul

S.C. Sen. Tom Davis – the leading fiscal conservative in South Carolina state government and one of the most coveted endorsements of the 2012 “First in the South” presidential primary – will announce his support for U.S. Rep. Ron Paul on Sunday.

Davis will endorse Paul’s candidacy at a campaign event Sunday evening in Myrtle Beach, S.C. – confirming a report published earlier this week on Buzzfeed.

Paul’s campaign has described Davis’ forthcoming endorsement as “consequential” and “game-changing.” Why? Click here.

A first-term State Senator, Davis wields a disproportionate impact given his stellar fiscal voting record and his advocacy on behalf of key state-level reforms including a taxpayer rebate fund and an aggressive government restructuring bill (unlike the “restructuring in name only” pushed last year by Gov. Nikki Haley).

Davis has also pushed for individual income tax relief as opposed to taxpayer-funded incentives on the job creation front – arguing that the latter only shift the state’s tax burden onto small businesses.



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