Ron Paul and Medical Marijuana

RUSH: All right. What is Ron Paul…? He wants to legalize most drugs, says the government’s got no business denying people that kind of freedom. Do you agree with that?

CALLER: Um, not necessarily to a certain extent. I know that there’s a lot of… As far as marijuana legalization, it’s a waste of taxpayer dollars for such a petty crime in my opinion.

RUSH: What, what, trying to shut it down?

CALLER: I’m sorry, sir?

RUSH: What’s the waste of taxpayer dollars?

CALLER: The battle on marijuana.

RUSH: Oh, the battle on marijuana. I saw a story, by the way. There’s some Swiss, Swedish, French, some outfit that has made a marijuana spray for multiple sclerosis. It’s been approved in some European countries. They’re gonna ask the FDA to approve it here. They hope to get it proved by 2013 or 2014, and it’s got THC and the cannabinoid, cannabis, whatever the ingredient is, but it doesn’t give you the high. You spray it in your mouth like a breath spray, and it’s supposed to have all the wonderful medical benefits of marijuana without the high, and it’s primarily being used to treat multiple sclerosis in the European countries where it’s been approved. I wonder. We’ll see. By the way, it also does not — from what I understand, what I read, it does not — enhance the appetite, which marijuana does. So it would be interesting to see if the medical marijuana gang in this country would support an oral spray of marijuana that doesn’t give you a high, does not increase your appetite, but effectively deals with a medical problem. That would be fascinating.



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