On Saturday Mitt Romney gave 50 bucks to an unemployed Ruth Williams, 55, of Colombia, who started volunteering in his campaign offices.

NBC News analysts thought the entire episode embodied racial stereotypes… and ripped Mitt Romney for helping out the poor.

Joy-Ann Reid:

“As an African American woman it galls me. I don’t even like to watch it. I felt like it plays into every sort of patronizing stereotype of black people. Oh, here is this little lady let me give her 50 bucks. I mean this is a guy who offered a bet of ten thousand dollars on stage to another candidate but you know, hey let me lay off 50 bucks to this woman. I think it plays into that conservative meme, that you don’t need actual programs that the government puts in place to help people in need, we’ll just give them charity, I’ll just give him 50 bucks.”

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