Rogue Obama Plans to Forgive Mortgages

This recess appointment stuff, it’s extra-constitutional. It is lawless. The Senate is not in recess. Who’s gonna stop the guy? That’s the question. If we’re gonna sit around and say, “You can’t say ‘screwed,'” you got McCain out there, McCain ripping Newt for saying that Romney’s a liar. John McCain slammed Newt Gingrich today. I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. “John McCain slammed Newt Gingrich Thursday for calling Mitt Romney ‘a liar,’ accusing him of crossing the line of ‘something that we don’t do in politics. I don’t think it’s appropriate to call your opponent a liar. That’s just something we don’t do in politics unless you certainly have some overwhelming proof,’ said McCain on CBS’s The Early Show.” Really? Now they tell us. Who knew that’s something we don’t do in politics is call our opponents liars, unless we have overwhelming proof, which we do, if we’re talking about Obama.

Anyway, McCain, here’s the guy who says, (imitating McCain) “We’re not gonna pronounce Obama’s middle name. That’s just not how we do things in politics, it’s not gonna happen. If you say it, you’re outta here, you understand?” As I say, I like Dana Perino, but folks, you haven’t heard anything. I have been waiting to see if this gets reported. It has not been reported. It’s not gone beyond where I first saw it. Well, I take it back. It has appeared in one other place. Our old buddy James Pethokoukis, who writes at Reuters and some other places, has discovered that one of the objectives Obama has with all these recess appointments is to — brace yourself here — essentially, when you strip it all away, if this happens, what Obama is planning on doing is essentially forgiving all mortgages.

There are some requirements. You have to be paying on your mortgage, you have to be three months current, but Obama is going to just wave a magic wand and allow people to refinance their mortgages, essentially cutting hundreds of dollars off of the monthly payment. This will cost $1.2 trillion and, as always, it is those of you who don’t have a mortgage or who will not qualify for this plan who will be paying for it. This is buying an election in one fell swoop. (interruption) What? What quote from yesterday? Oh. Well, everybody’s saying, even Rove is out there saying it’s not a smart move to spend 20 minutes on stage with McCain if you are Romney having McCain endorse you. It’s really not a smart move. That 20 minutes on Hannity last night. I don’t know who they think are, I just don’t know. I don’t know how they think they’re helping themselves. But don’t get sidetracked here.

Folks, it may not matter who the nominee is. It may not matter about the primaries. It may not matter about any polling data. We have a president who’s cutting the defense budget now. His priorities are winning the future, paying off his wacko donors and weakening national security in the process, proudly saying that it’s about time we pared down to the point where we can only fight one ground war at a time. The idea that we should be able to fight two ground wars at a time is excessive and unnecessary, so we’re cutting the defense budget. All of this is predictable, by the way. There is a plan afoot by virtue of these recess appointments, it’s a little bit more complicated, but the bottom line is, in terms of perception, the perception is going to be on the part of people that Obama is forgiving their mortgages.



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