VAN SUSTEREN: Happy New Year to you, too, sir. Big day tomorrow, and I’m curious .. you heard all sorts of numbers, everything else. Would third or fourth place — would you consider that a win for you, sir?

PERRY: Listen, we’re in it to win it, so that’s like asking the Dallas Cowboys if they want to win their next football game. It’s, like, absolutely. So I think anyone that’s in this wants to win first place, so I don’t think there’s anybody is running for second place. That’s not the reason I got in it.

So Iowans are a lot like Texans. It’s just amazing, the last 14 days, as we traveled across the state and hit the small towns and the big cities and talked to them about getting America working again and the values that we share. And I feel really good about where we are and where we’re headed.

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