Obama Worships at Pro-Occupy Church

President Obama and the First Family attended a Washington, D.C. church that supports the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The president, who rarely attends church, was visiting Zion Baptist Church, a 146-year-old congregation in the nation’s capital. According to the church, their mission is to “enlist sinners, educate students, empower the suffering, encourage the saints, exalt our Savior.”

The worship program included an appeal to help the Occupy D.C. movement, according to the White House pool report.

They pleaded for donations of “new and gently used warm blankets, sleeping bags, hand and feet warmers.”

The Occupy D.C. movement includes about 150 protesters encamped in McPherson Square. The Washington Post reported that critics of the occupation zone describe it as a “rat-infested, messy eyesore of any encampment.”

Prior to President Obama’s arrival at Zion Baptist Church, Rev. Keith Byrd addressed the congregation.

“They are coming to worship. Let the church say amen,” he said according to an account published by the Washington Post.

The choir then sang “Lord, You Are Good” as the president entered the sanctuary, according to the White House pool report.

For the record, church members were not waving palm branches.



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