President Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness released its third report January 17 entitled “Road Map to Renewal,” a worthy description of serious issues affecting the American economy coupled with set of proposals that, with few exceptions, can best be described as pretty thin gruel.

The council—chaired by Jeffrey R. Immelt, the chairman and CEO of GE—was obviously constrained in many cases by political considerations imposed on it either by the Obama Administration or by itself as it recognized the political season.

However, this report will likely be best known for the quickness with which its own sponsor, President Obama, loudly “dissed” it, in the urban vernacular.

At least with Obama’s 2010 Simpson–Bowles deficit commission, the President waited a couple of months before embarrassingly ignoring the commission’s recommendations in toto. In the case of the Jobs Council report, the President set a new land speed record of about 24 hours before explicitly repudiating one of the council’s key recommendations.

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