Obama Raises More from Bain Than Romney

Bain Capital is in the news, obviously. That’s the investment outfit that Romney helped found. Do you know that, according to the Washington Post… this is from last fall, last October. “According to the Washington Post, Obama raised more campaign money from Bain Capital than Mitt Romney.” Bain Capital has contributed more money to Obama than they have to Romney. Got it right here. “According to the Washington Post,” and actually it’s a secondary story. It’s a Washington Examiner story from last October, but they are citing the Washington Post: “Obama raised more campaign money from Bain Capital than Mitt Romney.” Now, “Romney made his fortune working for Bain Capital, but only raised $34,000 in donations from 18 Bain employees.

Obama, however, has already raised $76,600 from just three employees” at Bain. Now, this was last fall. “Of course Obama can raise money for both his campaign and for the DNC, making it easier to raise more money from fewer donors.” But the bottom line is that for all this talk about Romney and Bain Capital, the majority of Bain Capital’s donations have gone to Obama, not to Romney.



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