Obama Ad Touts His Jobs Record…It’s Just 15 Seconds

As President Obama kicks off State of the Union week, his re-election campaign has launched a new online advertizing blitz to “spread the word” about the administration’s record on creating jobs.

A 15-second video ad touts the upward trend on private sector job growth over the past 22 months, and squarely places blame for the millions lost before Obama took office on former President George W. Bush.

“Faced with a deep recession,” the narrator says, as a downward red arrow highlights “Job Loss During Bush Administration” on a labor department graph, “President Obama moved quickly to help our economy recover.”

“There’s more work to do, but you might be surprised to hear the progress we’ve made,” it continues. “Twenty-two straight months of job growth; 3.1 million jobs added. Help us spread the word.”

As ABC News fact-checked earlier this month, the job creation claims made in the ad are true.



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