Newt’s Revenge Divides GOP to the Delight of Liberals

Last night on MSNBC, one of the guests was managing editor Joy-Ann Reid of something called I never heard of it, I don’t even know why I’m promoting it, but she showed up. They were talking about the Republican primary, the attacks on Romney during his time at Bain Capital, and the host said, “How do you think this is gonna go in South Carolina? You’ve got high unemployment down there. It’s a different dichotomy,” whatever the hell that means. What’s a “different dichotomy”? These people! I swear, you have people in the media who do not know the definition of words. A dichotomy? It’s a “different dichotomy”?

Do you know what a dichotomy is? Do you know what a conundrum is? You know the difference a between a conundrum and a dilemma? A dilemma you have two options; a conundrum is three or more. (interruption) No, I didn’t just look it up. I know it! What the hell is this, “It’s a different dichotomy in South Carolina. High employment…” Different dichotomy? There’s no different dichotomy. Anyway… (interruption) It doesn’t “sound good.” It might make somebody sound smart only because they think they’re using a word people can’t define, but for those of us who can define it cements the fact that you’re stupid! Anyway, “How do you think it’s gonna play down there, Joy-Ann Reid?”

REID: The narrative is being implanted that Mitt Romney’s company was a vulture capitalist — whatever your opinions of capitalism writ large — and then I think it’s forced him in this position where he’s parroting the sort of Rush Limbaughisms. “Don’t hate me because I’m rich! I’m rich and that’s too bad if you’re not!” That’s not good for him in a general, don’t think that stops him from winning, though, among Republican voters in South Carolina.

RUSH: Rush Limbaughisms? So this babe thinks that this is forcing Romney to parrot me? If Romney were parroting me he would have the nomination sewn up! The Rush Limbaughism, “Don’t hate me because I’m rich. I’m rich and it’s too bad if you’re not”? I have not said that. I haven’t said that. (interruption) You like that? Well, it may be a good party line. I haven’t said that. “Don’t hate me because I’m rich?” I don’t care if people hate me. In fact, I know that people hate me. I don’t care. They’re gonna hate me for a whole host of reasons. I think it is too bad that everybody’s not rich. But I also think Obama’s not the route to that. Obama’s not the route to rich for anybody.



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