Newt Turns Racially Charged Question From Williams into Explanation of Conservatism

There was no fear in Newt Gingrich’s answer. He did not preface his answer with any politically correct excuse. He just launched. Now, Snerdley asked me, “Does this mean we’re gonna bridge the culture divide?” Who asked the question? Juan Williams. And what was his question? “Don’t you understand, Mr. Speaker? Don’t you have the slightest idea…?” Let me get the question exactly: “You also said poor kids lack a strong work ethic and proposed having them work as janitors in their schools. Can’t you see that this is viewed, at a minimum, as insulting to all Americans, but particularly to black Americans?” This is the guy who got fired from NPR because of “insensitive comments” about Muslims.

Now, you would think that after having gone through that, Juan Williams would have a different perspective. NPR cans him because he said he admitted on an airplane flight, I think it was, that something made him nervous. A couple Muslims on an airplane flight made him nervous. Then he found out that they also fired him because they had a prejudice against Fox. So Juan Williams was fired by the liberal NPR for insensitivity remarks about Muslims getting on an airplane, and then getting fired for working at Fox — and then gets hired full time by Fox, a conservative bunch, with a salary increase and becomes the NPR guy asking the same questions that got him fired; and you ask me if we’re gonna bridge the cultural divide? (interruption)

Yeah, but not in the same way. When I’m shocked by something I think about it, but Juan Williams is not thinking about, “Gosh, what did I miss here?” He’s not thinking that. He’s thinking, “My God, we don’t understand how crazy these people are. They’re even nuttier than we think. They’re more racist than we believe! Democrats are gonna be shocked.” That’s what he’s thinking. It never comes back to them. They’re never doing anything wrong. They’ve never holding the wrong view. My gosh, these people are the biggest superiorists you’ve ever run into. Juan Williams said he gets nervous if he’s in an airport and sees people in Muslim garb. Bam! He’s gone.



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