Newt Sounds Just Like Obama

So now Newt and Perry are attacking Romney from the left, like Obama. This is so simple. We got a Marxist in the White House, come up with a conservative nominee, run a campaign, win in a landslide, and save the country. Instead what happened? The establishment Republicans get scared to death of conservatives, thinking it’s gonna result in a Goldwater landslide, and they figure Obama can’t be beat anyway, so let’s find a moderate that doesn’t tick off the independents. Let’s try to win the Senate and get ourselves in charge of the chairmanships and the money, and we’ll call it a day.

Any conservative that got in the race, the establishment is set out to destroy. That’s where we are. That’s why all this is happening. Because we got a bunch of people in the Republican establishment who don’t think the Marxist in the White House can be beat anyway and really care more about getting themselves in charge of the money than anything else. And they do not share our view that the country’s future is in peril. They don’t. That’s where we are.

Let’s go to audio sound bites, let me illustrate some of what I’ve said. We’ll start with Newt. This was on Fox & Friends this morning. The co-host, the weather guy, Steve Doocy, said, “I was driving around yesterday my car,” and like every other American,
“I was listening to Rush, and he was talking about you and how you’ve gone after Romney and Bain Capital. He said you’re using the language of the left to beat up Romney over Bain. He said it makes him uncomfortable because that’s what the left is gonna do if Romney’s the nominee.”



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