Just to repeat now, speaking of defining, you know, we got some lib on the Chris Matthews Show yesterday, David Ignatius, (paraphrasing) “Yeah, Obama, he’s got a year to define himself.” He’s defined. Our problem is that Republicans will not use it. You know, we got Republicans, media, conservatives, you name it, that are trying to kill Republicans, in a political sense. We’ve got people saying horrible things about Gingrich, horrible things about Romney, horrible things about Bachmann. Nobody will say one horrible thing about Obama. We’re like a circular firing squad. I know it’s politics, but what about the other guy? What about the real enemy here? Why does the real enemy get a pass?

There was an analysis released last week that showed that 45% of all political ads in Iowa were negative commercials aimed at Gingrich, and they worked. Gingrich was once leading. Do you remember, he had this big surge. Gingrich was up in Iowa. He was up everywhere. He was up nationally. And a never-ending barrage. And you could say that Romney’s PAC has taken Newt out. It worked. Negative ads work. You define your opponent. Newt had not defined himself, or at least not sufficiently so to ward off the attacks. So now he’s going after Romney big time. He’s calling Romney a liar. The media can’t believe this is happening, but he’s doing it.

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