Mitt Misses a Teachable Moment on Obama’s Worldview

There’s a teachable moment here. You must understand I am trying to help. I’m not trying to be destructive. (sigh) Trying to help. That’s all I want to do. All I want is for Barack Obama to lose. That is what I want! It is probably what I care about more than anything outside of family. I’m talking about you’ve got the normal concerns, but I’m talking about things outside of my personal life. The thing I want most is for this man to be defeated.
Okay, so I just got this, I just literally got… What? No, it’s like Romney. I just got this 30 seconds ago. I was gonna be start this hour with something else. I was gonna start with the sound bites and I got a little stack here about the establishment starting to get queasy.

But then I got this, and maybe I’m gonna make too big a deal out of this. I don’t know, but I just tell you here that my desires and my motivations are pure, and that is the triumph of this country — return to greatness, at least the return to the path. Okay, so to review. Romney on CBS. Grab sound bite 21. This was a big point the first hour. This Mitt on CBS today with Charlie Rose. The question:

“Clearly, you know the outlines of what” the Democrats and Newt and Perry “want to say about your tenure at Bain Capital are clear. You were not a destructive force” and laid people off, scorched earth. What do you say to that? (replaying of sound bite) Obama was an anti-capitalist president who shut down Republican-owned dealerships, who screwed the legitimate investors, the bondholders. There was nothing capitalistic about what Obama did — and yet? “Well, yeah, I’ll accept the premise. Newt and Perry are out there saying that I did scorched earth stuff at Bain. We laid people off. Yeah, yeah, just like Obama.” No! No! Not just like Obama! Sorry. We went through that in the first hour. Okay, dealt with it. Fine and dandy. Move on.



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