Mitt Goes Scorched Earth on Newt Again

Now, I mentioned earlier that Romney is back on the scorched earth attack on Gingrich. And here’s a sample of it. It’s a new Romney ad, features ex-Senator Jim Talent. He’s from Missouri. He’s the guy that ran against Claire McCaskill, the Michael J. Fox ads on stem cells. That’s just who the guy is, so you remember. He was also in the House ’94, ’95, with Newt. So Romney gets Talent from Missouri to record this ad.

TALENT: I served in the House with Newt Gingrich. He would make outrageous comments that would blindside us and undermine our conservative agenda. Chaotic decisions, erratic behavior, it’s a problem when your own leader is the biggest political problem that you’re dealing with, which is why we removed him as the Speaker. This election needs to be about Barack Obama, and if the Speaker were the nominee, the election would be about him and his unreliable leadership in the past. He’s not a reliable leader.

RUSH: Oh, man, folks, this is scorched earth. Remember what the super PAC ads in Iowa did to Newt. Remember how they just sent him over the edge. This is gonna have the same effect. So it’s out there. It’s getting hot. It’s really heating up.



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