Mitt Claims He’ll Roll Back So Much Liberalism, He May Only Last One Term

It said that Romney is going to always have to be pushed to the right, that his natural inclination is to move to the center or the left, is gonna have to constantly pushed there, and that’s what Henninger was hoping would happen during the primary, that the pressure from the other conservative candidates would move Romney to the right. And I think that this is true, it’s gonna have to happen, and the media is going to be obviously trying to push him to the left if he happens to get elected or even after he is nominated. But I think you’re exactly right, I think it’s gonna require pretty consistent pressure.

I understand everybody’s frustration. It’s infuriating. I know exactly how you feel, folks. Here we’ve got the most defeatable candidate we could have, genuine Marxist who has destroyed the US economy, whether by design or by accident, the numbers of people out of work, the hopelessness, the ongoing saga of the decline of America, it’s infuriating there isn’t a full-fledged 100% conservative out there that could take this. But it is what it is. I’m not even talking about purity. I know people were hoping for a Palin. The Chris Christie camp thinks that he is a full-fledged, 100% conservative, but he said no. Marco Rubio, where are these people? Bobby Jindal? There’s a whole lot of people, there’s a lot of conservatives out there; now, where are they? And there’s a disappointment over that. I understand it, folks. I totally do.



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