Media Feasts on Romney Tax Remark

We have Romney dredging up here a whole brand-new negative advertising campaign against Newt. We have the mainstream media going after Romney, Mr. 15%, talking about how much money he makes from speeches and so forth, conveniently ignoring how wealthy the Clintons are because of speeches and how often they brag about it. Brian Ross, who has yet to investigate Obama for anything, is now out with a story on how much money Romney has given to the Mormon church.

Do you realize that Bain Capital, when Romney was there, a certain portion of Bain Capital was pledged to the Mormon church? I’m surprised they’re doing this now, before Romney has secured the nomination. We all knew it was coming. We all knew the Mormon angle was coming. We’ve been surprised where it’s been up till now. The conventional wisdom is, hey, Romney weathered that storm in 2008. I thought giving to a charity was a good thing. But now it’s not. Now, Romney, I’ll tell you, there’s a better way to have done this 15% tax business. He did not have a good debate Monday night compared to the others. Romney did not have a particularly good debate, which is a little curious ’cause he been doing this longer than any of the others on the stage. You have his experience in 2008 and the experience this year, some answers ought to just roll off your tongue. Some answers ought to now just be automatic coming out of the oral cavity.

But Mitt appeared to be stumbling and unsure of some things when this income tax challenge came up. “Release your income taxes,” Rick Perry up there. “I think that you should release your taxes.” What Romney shoulda said, “Okay, I’ll release my income tax as soon as Obama releases his college transcripts.” And he could have said, “Okay, here’s the amount of money I’ve paid in taxes.” But he went the percentage route. He was clearly on defense about this, and he went the 15% defense route. What he left out is that he probably paid a lot higher tax rate on the income prior to reporting the capital gains rate on it.



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