As voting is underway for the Florida primary, Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) weighs in on the importance of the Sunshine State’s votes, saying, “I think in the long turn, if you win Florida in a Republican primary, your chances of winning the general election are very high.”

Rubio says he won’t endorse anyone because he has relationships with all of the GOP candidates and can’t seem to choose. “When it comes to president, you can’t tell people how to vote anyway because people are gonna make up their own minds and I think Florida will make up its own mind and really give the winner a big boost.”

When it comes to Obama’s votes in the state of Florida, he thinks people will remember that he has been president for the last four years and has made everything worse. “He’s gonna come to Florida and ask for a four year extension after failing his first four years, and I don’t think he’s gonna get it, at least not from Floridians.”

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