Making Sense of Republicans Attacking Capitalism

Yeah, well, I guess it’s gonna be up to me again today to put all this in perspective. Man, it’s going nuts out there, and it’s understandable. All these attacks on Romney, Bain Capital. Romney brought it on himself, and it’s gonna be interesting to see how and if Romney can defend himself. I gotta tell you, folks, you think this is bad, wait ’til Obama gets hold of all this stuff. It’s gonna be twice as bad as what you’re seeing now. I know it’s irritating to a lot of people. Here we have capitalism being attacked by Republicans, capitalism under assault by Republicans. I know a lot of people are commenting on it and a lot of people are upset about it, scratching their heads.

Romney started all of this with the scorched earth on Newt in Iowa. You could even say Romney started all this back in 2008 with his super PAC stuff. This is just people responding; it’s what happens in a campaign. They try to target what they think is a weak spot, and nobody’s thinking about, “Okay, what are we creating for the opposition to use in the general?” Nobody’s thinking about that right now ’cause they’re all trying to win this. Contrary to the establishment and the mainstream media, it’s not over, and the other candidates, the Newts, the Santorums, the Perrys, this bunch, they’re not willing to concede yet. But anyway, I want to try to put all this in perspective. Yes, it is disquieting. Yes, it is upsetting. I understand it. There’s enough hypocrisy to go around on all sides, and I’ll try to apportion it fairly.



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