Los Angeles mayor: ‘I know bad news is coming’ in Obama budget

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said Wednesday he expects Obama’s budget proposal to include “draconian” cuts, blaming Congress for failing in its duties to create jobs and boost the economy.

“I know bad news is coming. I think that anybody who saw both the deal last summer and then the failure of the ‘supercommittee’ to do anything to resolve this stalemate, if you will, knew that there were going to be serious and draconian cuts,” said Villaraigosa at a breakfast sponsored by The Christian Science Monitor Wednesday.

During the first three years of his administration, Obama was able to suggest spending levels for government programs in his annual budget blueprint. However, this year he is constrained to a $1.047 trillion spending cap that was agreed upon with GOP leaders in August in order to raise the federal debt ceiling.



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