Is Obama Just in Over His Head?

Talking about Barack Obama. Now, some of you might not think this is really that big a deal, and some of you might think that you understand. There’s no reason to provoke people by accusing Obama of being a bad guy. The conventional wisdom is — no, no, Snerdley, don’t look at me that way — you know as well as I, the conventional wisdom is that if you talk that way you’re gonna send the independents running back to Obama. The inside-the-Beltway conventional wisdom. The political consultant conventional wisdom. The Republican Party conventional wisdom. If it could be proved to Romney that Barack Obama was purposely doing this, he still wouldn’t say it.

You know, people say, “Why don’t you run for office?” I couldn’t. If you have to couch what you really believe, I couldn’t do it because I don’t believe for a minute he’s in over his head. Unless — Good Lord, oh, my. Ho. Ho. No, man. I can’t even tell people what I just saw without getting into big trouble. I just saw a picture of Hillary on TV. That’s as much as I’m gonna say. My point is this. (interruption) Well, I had to explain the reaction. It’s not fair to react that way if people don’t know. I had to explain it, but that’s as much as I’m gonna say. The only construct where Obama is in
over his head. (interruption) Yeah, I was right again. But then I’d have to remind people about what I was right about, and that’s the problem, I’m not gonna do that. I’m just saying, whoa.

You know where I come down on this Obama business. And Giuliani’s right. This guy’s an Alinskyite. He has been taught, he’s been raised, educated, whatever, he’s got a deep resentment for this country. You know me, I have told you, I’m willfully naive, I guess. I can’t get my arms around the fact that there are people born in this country who hate it. I know they do, and they can explain to me the differences in ideology and so forth, I’m never going to intellectually or emotionally understand it. Even though I can explain it, it still makes no sense to me. Yet I know that those people exist and I know that they are the people that taught Obama. They are among those who educated him, both in his family and at the institutions of higher learning and academe that he attended.

I know that he thinks this is an unjust country, that it was immoral in its founding, for reasons including but greater than slavery. He thinks it was economically unjust and immoral. He thinks a bunch of rich white guys, this 1% versus 99% stuff, that’s how he thinks the country was founded and that the 1% has maintained themselves in total control of all the wealth since the days of the founding and that they take purposeful steps to keep everybody out of that club. He believes it. He thinks the only remedy for it is to take everything the 1% has and give it away to everybody else.



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