Is Mormonism Hurting Mitt Romney?

I think that the opposition of Romney, such that it is, is on substance, is on what you said: They think he governs to the left. He’s proudly said that he’s a moderate, at times. The Mormon thing — and by the way, the caller that you heard did not say that. She said she was not a Mormon, that she was just upset about it. But I’ll tell you one thing: Obama’s super PACs, the labor unions and the media are gonna bring it up. You better know that they are. You better know that they are! Obama super PACs? Remember, he’s got two built-in super PACs: He’s got labor unions and he’s got the media. They really don’t have to raise any money. The unions have dues, and the media is in the private sector. But there will be legitimate super PACs above and beyond that. You don’t even think they’re gonna bring up the fact that Romney’s a Mormon? You don’t think Obama will do that? (New Castrati impression)

“No, Mr. Limbaugh, he won’t, because Mr. Obama will be afraid that will open up charges of Jeremiah Wright!”

No, no, no, no. The media super PAC will be castigating anybody brings up Jeremiah Wright. (interruption) Why do you have such a puzzled look on your face? You don’t think Obama’s super PACs will trying to go after Romney on being a Mormon? You don’t think that will happen? You don’t think…? It may not be between-the-eyes-type hits. It will be ever so subtle. You wait. I could probably dream up a typical super Pac, anti-Mormon TV commercial right now. I could probably do it. I don’t have any doubt about that. I mean, half of these fringe blog sites that are attacking Mormons now are probably fronts for the Democrats. Of course they’re gonna come up with it. But I don’t think, on the conservative side, that Mormonism explains the vast opposition that exists to Romney. Every caller that we’ve had here today has expressed dissatisfaction with what they consider to be Romney’s moderate political stance.

They don’t think he’s that conservative.



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