Herman Cain: ‘I Will Make an Unconventional Endorsement’

Former GOP candidate Herman Cain joined Jenna Lee earlier to discuss his thoughts on the current field of Republican candidates. Announcing from the get-go he would not make an official endorsement anytime soon, Cain said he would make an “unconventional endorsement” in the future as part of “a new movement” he will be announcing tomorrow night on Hannity.

“If I were to endorse a candidate now, it might split my supporters,” Cain said. “I don’t want them to split. Because my objective with my new movement is to make sure that my supporters, as well as those people who feel like they are politically homeless, is to make sure they stay informed, involved and inspired.”

Cain went on to give his thoughts on Mitt Romney’s campaign, questioning how strong the candidate’s outlook is with Southern voters. “If you look at Iowa and you look at New Hampshire, those states are going to narrow down the field. And frankly, the field should be narrowed down – for the right reasons not because of negative attacks,” he said. “But then if you look at the south, you have to consider how Romney did the last time around. He did not win many of those southern states. So the big question is, is he going to do better, and if so, why?”



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