GOP Debates in Florida on CNN

Tonight is a first for me—I’ll be tweeting my thoughts about the debate on my new Twitter account while writing this article. Pretty good for a blonde, huh?

CNN again…ugh. And Wolf Blitzer again without the comedy relief of Herman Cain messing up his name! Why oh why do we have to continue letting these liberals who hate us moderate our debates? Maybe I’m getting cynical in my old age, but it always feels like we’re letting the wolves take care of the sheep. There are ulterior motives to every one of their questions, guys…but I digress…

We all knew this was going to be an immigration-centered debate because of the Florida locale and that’s exactly how they started. I’m sure they’ll twist around Santorum’s statement that “people who come to this country illegally have broken the law repeatedly.” Yes, it’s the truth—but ‘ya just know the liberals will eat that statement up (allergic as they are to the truth).

And wow, could the crowd look any more somber? Not much applause at first. Newt’s gonna be mad…



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