Gingrich Repudiates Super PAC For Inaccurate Video He Praised

Newt Gingrich is repudiating a 28-minute long feature paid for by his Super PAC attacking Mitt Romney’s leadership at Bain Capital, hours after the Washington Post Fact Checker gave it “four Pinocchios” for inaccuracies.

“I am calling for the Winning Our Future Super-PAC supporting me to either edit its “King of Bain” advertisement and movie to remove its inaccuracies, or to pull it off the air and off the internet entirely,” Gingrich said in a statement.

Gingrich also called on Romney to repudiate ads taken out by the Super PAC supporting him to do the same — the topic of a flareup between the two men in a debate on Sunday morning.

In the debate, Gingrich expressed knowledge of the contents of the yet-to-be released ad, but said he hoped that it was accurate.



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