Former RNC chair: Idea of new GOP prez entrant in February ‘just outright stupid’

Former Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele said the idea that another GOP presidential contender could enter the race in February is “just outright stupid.”

“There are 13 states after Florida that still have deadlines that are open, that haven’t been reached yet and anyone can jump in — but that means you’re only on the ballot in 13 states,” Steele told The Daily Caller in the spin room after Monday night’s GOP debate in Tampa.

“I think any conversation about having someone else come into this race at this point is not even feasible, it’s just outright stupid.”

Unhappy with the current crop of Republican presidential contenders, some conservative opinion leaders and Republican activists, including Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, have argued that it is still not too late for another big-name candidate — like former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush or Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels — to jump in the race, so long as they do so by early February.



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