Even Romney Agrees That Obama Is Turning The Economy Around?

“It is true that Mitt Romney is the default nominee,” Maddow admitted, but noted that, while “yesterday [Thursday] was a disastrous day for Mitt Romney, today was worse,” because he actually admitted, in an interview with Laura Ingraham, that President Obama had improved the economy. His entire claim to being worthy of the nomination in stump speeches, Maddow noted, was that President Obama didn’t start the problem, but he made it worse. “The economy had essentially been thrown out a 30-story building and was lying dead on the ground when Obama assumed the presidency,” Maddow argued, and the “state of Mitt Romney’s core argument” was him admitting that things are somewhat better, while questions circulate about his time at Bain Capital. To chime in the disastrous admission, Maddow simply played the clip over photos of Romney: “Even Mitt Romney agrees that President Obama is turning the economy and things are getting better… so vote for Mitt Romney despite that?” Maddow noted. The campaign ad writes itself.

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